S3 E6 What Keeps You from Giving up on Yourself?

Throughout Season 3 of Rumors of Doing Good, Ken and Rob will be taking time to answer a few questions from listeners they have received over the last few years.

In today’s conversation, Rob and Ken take the time to answer the question of what keeps them from giving up on themselves when doing good becomes hard. Listen in to their candid conversation as they share their innermost thoughts on what keeps them motivated.

At the beginning of today’s conversation, Ken asks Rob on what he has been up to lately. Rob replied to Ken’s question sharing how he has been coaching leaders who are seeking to do good to live and lead well in the places they live.

To find out more about Rob’s coaching services, visit liminalresourcing.com.

Rumors of Doing Good: S3 E6 What Keeps You from Giving up on Yourself?

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Intro/Outro music by skinfiltr8r.

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