S3 E8 Sesay Abdul Rashid – Caring for Orphans Devastated by the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone

In today’s conversation Rob and Ken are joined by Sesay Abdul Rashid from Makeni Town, Sierra Leone where he and his family noticed hundreds of children living out on the streets, having lost their families due to the Ebola Epidemic in 2014.

Previously a teacher, Sesay and his family began to recognize the knock-on effects of Ebola. Parents were dying, leaving children to fend for themselves, especially girls as they are most vulnerable to exploitation. The family volunteered to take vulnerable girls into their home to provide shelter, love and care. As a result, the Hope Orphanage was born, hosting 74 children.

To this day, the orphanage receives no funding from the government and the family pays to care for the girls, covering their education, clothes and medical needs out of their own pockets.

Sesay and his family would love to expand their orphanage and support more children. They have partnered with Punk 4 The Homeless, which puts on charity punk gigs in the U.K., to raise the necessary funds to expand the orphanage and care for the girls. We are invited to participate in the work of the orphanage to care for these girls by donating to the Orphanage here.

Rumors of Doing Good: S3 E8 Sesay Abdul Rashid – Caring for Orphans Devastated by the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone

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