S3 E11 Deborah Loyd – Helping folks on the Edge Find Their Voice and Meaning in Life

In today’s conversation Rob and Ken are joined by Deborah Loyd who you might have guessed is Ken’s partner. In 1998 at an invitation from a friend, they moved to Portland Oregon USA and helped start a church called The Bridge with those in the subcultures. The Bridge offered refuge and a safe space for those who did not fit in but nevertheless loved Jesus with their hearts and proved it by sharing their love for others.

Deborah is a remarkable woman who is passionate about healing and helping folks find a pathway forward for their lives. Join us as she shares with us her adventures of starting The Bridge as well as her experiences of making space for those who feel misjudged and disenfranchised.

About Deborah:

Deborah is a professor, conference speaker, leadership coach, writer and pastor. Her organization, Finding Forward, expresses her passion to empower people to find their voices and vocations. She has written a book called Your Vocational Credo: Practical Steps to Discover Your Unique Purpose. Together with Ken, she has three grown children and two granddaughters.

You can purchase Deborah’s book here.

Rumors of Doing Good: S3 E11 Deborah Loyd – Helping folks on the Edge Find Their Voice and Meaning in Life

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Intro/Outro music by skinfiltr8r.

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