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S3 E12 Doing Good 101 Rumors of Doing Good

Throughout Season 3 of Rumors of Doing Good, Ken and Rob have been taking time to answer a few questions from listeners they have received over the last few years. In today’s season three finale, Rob and Ken  takes the time to answer the question of what advice they would give to their younger selves and those who are looking to start doing good in their neighborhood. Thanks for taking the time to tune in to this season of Rumors of Doing Good! If you have enjoyed today’s conversation, please consider subscribing, rating as well as reviewing the podcast on your favorite podcast platform. Thanks! Intro/Outro music by skinfiltr8r.
  1. S3 E12 Doing Good 101
  2. S3 E11 Deborah Loyd – Helping folks on the Edge Find Their Voice and Meaning in Life
  3. S3 E10 Andrea Campanale – Coming Alongside Spiritual Seekers & Steampunks at Green Fairs
  4. S3 E9 What If…
  5. S3 E8 Sesay Abdul Rashid – Caring for Orphans Devastated by the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone
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